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MILF Amanda loves to take care of Naughty Babies!MILF Amanda loves to take care of Naughty Babies!MILF Amanda loves to take care of Naughty Babies!
Hello you sweet boys. I am Mommy Amanda, I like to spoil my sweet babies but if you become naughty mommy knows just what to do to make her baby behave!

Adult Babies or as I like to call them Abies are so much fun to play with. I love taking care of you just as you should be taken care of. Making sure her Abie gets exactly what he needs.

A nice warm bath with lots of splashing and toys to play with, making sure your all dry and powdering your bottom before putting on your diaper. Feeding you your baby food, we can play some choo choo or airplane to make sure feeding time is fun. Then giving you your bottle or breast feeding you while we cuddle up for sleep time.

Mommy will tell you a story or sing you a lullaby while she rocks her Abie to sleep. Don't worry if you wet or poop your diaper that's what Mommies are for. To make sure her abies stay all nice and clean.

Don't think Mommy is a push over though if her Abies get naughty Mommy will make sure you behave with the appropriate punishment. Whether I have you sit in the corner in your dirty diaper or I spank your little bottom is all up to how naughty you are. For the real naughty Abies it is dress up time in pink frilly outfits and taken out for everyone to see.

Don't worry boys I do understand the diffrence between a Adult baby and a Diaper Lover!


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