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Young Baby Sitter Kayla knows just what to do with Abies!Young Baby Sitter Kayla knows just what to do with Abies!Young Baby Sitter Kayla knows just what to do with Abies!
Hi! My name is Kayla, and I am here to take real good care of you while your folks are out. I have been babysitting very special little boys for a few years now, especially during my summer breaks from school, so I know just what you need.

I like it when you call me Miss Kayla. It makes me kind of melt inside and makes me want to be super attentive to your needs. I love a sweet baby, and it doesn't take long before I am cooing and cuddling and pampering my sweet prince.

I have a "thing" for the baby fresh scent of a freshly powdered bottom, all squeaky clean and sweet smelling from having been gently soothed with cool, moist baby wipes. You will not have diaper rash issues on MY watch, and I will always make sure that I massage in ointment on any of your tender spots. Now that you are all bathed and powdered and clean, it's time for your diaper, and then we can get you dressed.

If it is close to bedtime and weather permits, I am a big fan of those one piece all snap together Dr Denton's. I am not sure if there is anything sweeter in the world than my big boy all ready for some cuddling before bed. I remember one of the very first special babies I took care of, and how he liked to suckle my big breasts, making the most precious noises I had ever heard.

One time, he was cooing and softly moaning, and I began running my hands all over him like I always do. Usually, the way he likes to sit in my lap and suckle has him leaning in towards me, so my hands are wrapped around him closest to his back and head and bottom. This time, though, at some point he turned around a bit, so that he was laying against me with a bit of his back to me, which opened up his front to my touch.

My stroking adjusted to his movement, and wrapped one arm across his waist, and with the other I began stroking and applying my loving touch to the fronts of his legs and thighs. His breathing instantly changed, and I knew what was growing underneath all that padding of the diaper and jammies. I began to run my hand over the front of his diaper, massaging deeply so he would feel it even through the diaper, and he let out the most wondrous moan.

My precious boy had given Miss Kayla every drop of what he like to call "his white stuff", and now he drifted off to sleep in my arms as I rocked him and stroked his hair and told him what a very good boy he was, and how much Miss Kayla loved him. It takes a very special boy to embrace what he knows he needs. Miss Kayla knows that you are out there, and that finding a good, reliable, loving babysitter to take care of you isn't easy.

I will take very good care of you. If you are good, there will be special treats and surprises. If you are bad, you could find yourself over my knee then standing in the corner. It's all up to you. You know what you need. I know how to give it to you.


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Young Baby Sitter Kayla knows just what to do with Abies!Call Baby Sitter Kayla 1-888-502-9996Young Baby Sitter Kayla knows just what to do with Abies!
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