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Granny Mema loves to take care of Adult Babies!Granny Mema loves to take care of Adult Babies!Granny Mema loves to take care of Adult Babies!
Who doesn't LOVE babies? Adult Babies that is. This old granny not only loves ABs, but also knows just how to handle them - with TLC.

Tell Mema sweetie pie, how big a boy are you?

Are you a tiny thing, still in diapers cooing at the mobile swaying over your crib? Granny loves to hear you giggling at your newly discovered toes while she changes your diaper before your morning nap.

Maybe you are a bigger boy, learning how to crawl and scooting across the kitchen floor, dragging your toys behind you. Keeping a curious boy like you out of trouble keeps your phone sex granny VERY busy.

Could you be one of the darlings that Mema loves BEST? Most Mommies find them hardest to handle, when they hit The Terrible Twos. Tottering around the house, climbing on everything and getting into all kinds of mischief. Still in diapers, but wanting to wear Big Boy undies, these ABs keep Granny on her toes when she baby-sits.

If you are that special breed of person who loves to hearken back to a time of life when your every need was met by a soft and caring Granny, gather up your toys, a fresh diaper and give Mema a ring.

It will be the best play-date a cute AB could dream of.


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Granny Mema loves to take care of Adult Babies!Call Granny Mema 1-877-509-7569Granny Mema loves to take care of Adult Babies!
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Rates are $2.50 a minute with a 10 minute minimum.
We accept 4 Major credit cards (visa/mc/amex/discover).
Your time will be billed by the Hostess or Mema.
All information we ask you is solely for credit card verification.
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If my line is busy, please call the 24/7 Sexy Hostess
she will help you find the right Mommy that will rock you!

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